Bangladesh is making great progress in the technology sector.

Research that is done in Bangladesh.  Science is practised. Many people do not know this  There are reasons not to know. One of the reasons is political unrest in colleges and universities. A group of people are taking advantage by mixing politics with education in Bangladesh.  


And misdirecting the students. These things are now an open secret. Therefore, parents are losing interest in sending their children to universities and colleges  But many are continuing their studies amid many difficulties. Besides, many others are trying to study and research and learn new things.  The number of such people is increasing day by day.

What can the government do for development in the technology sector?

For the development of Bangladesh's technology sector, first of all, it is necessary to ensure proper education for the next generation. Moreover, the number of technical educational institutions in our country is very few.  To advance in the technology sector, one must take technical education. As shown by countries like China, Taiwan, and Japan. Moreover, the biggest thing that needs to change. That is the education system of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh government should confirm these very soon. By doing this, the unemployment of most of the youth of Bangladesh can be removed.

Improvement in the technology sector will change the country's economy.

Bangladesh is a huge labour market. But the sad thing is that most of the youth in this country.  Can't find a job even after completing BCS. Job is like a golden deer now.  Almost all the populated countries of the world are facing the same problem. But they have managed to convert their population into a public resource. If Bangladesh's technology sector becomes stronger, jobs will be created for millions of people in the country.  The whole country will get rid of the unemployment problem.

Moreover, these youths will play a special role in keeping the country's economy running.  Especially, through freelancing. Already the youth of Bangladesh are freelancing and earning huge amounts of foreign exchange. Therefore, the government should make extensive development in the development sector of the country.

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