What new surprises will Bangladesh show in world politics?

Bangladesh is ruling the geopolitics of South Asia. Bangladesh is the most influential country in South Asia after India. Countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka now look to Bangladesh for help. Bangladesh has improved so much but it did not happen in one day or two days. 

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Garment workers 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been able to bring Bangladesh to this position after fifteen long years of effort.  Sheikh Hasina Na, the head of Bangladesh, has shown his political intelligence time and again in these fifteen years. Now Sheikh Hasina aims to create an influence on Bangladesh in the whole world.  That is why the diplomat has developed sweet relations with countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. Now Bangladesh is well known by each of its enemies.  

How did Bangladesh bring the Western countries under their control?

Western countries are the huge commercial market of Bangladesh. About 70% of Bangladeshi's total exports are exported to Western countries. Especially in the USA, Italy, France, UK etc countries. Western countries have always wanted to follow China in terms of imports.  But it was not possible because there was no good alternative. Bangladesh has the second-largest labour market in the world.  Therefore, the Bangladesh government has taken a revolutionary step to capture the market of Western countries.

Bangladesh has made the most progress in the garment industry, medicine industry, and leather industry in the last fifteen years.  Currently, Bangladesh has the second-largest apparel market in the world. About forty billion dollars worth of garments is exported to Bangladesh every year.  Moreover, westerners have taken a good look at the large population in Bangladesh. A bright example of this is taking workers from Bangladesh to Italy, Romania, and Cyprus.

How Bangladesh has mastered China and Russia?

If the West has to depend on Bangladesh for imports. Then in the case of China and Russia, he has an opposite picture.  China and Russia are the largest exporters to Bangladesh. Every year Bangladesh imports goods worth seventy billion dollars. Bangladesh chose China. Meanwhile, whatever Bangladesh imports can be imported from Western countries. But Bangladesh surprisingly chose China and Russia.

Meanwhile, China and UK have always been under sanctions by Western countries. Because of this, most of the countries of the world have turned away from China and UK. So either way?  Uk and China are making every effort to keep Bangladesh in their team.

How Bangladesh has been able to use this opportunity?

Bangladesh has taken advantage of the superpower countries. There is no doubt about it. Bangladesh has taken the help of superpower countries to achieve various types of development within Bangladesh. Notable among them is the construction of the Padma Bridge. Metrorail project for the first time in Dhaka. Karnaphuli tunnel. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project. If the political situation in Bangladesh is normal, Bangladesh has the power to make any impossible possible.

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