Why is Cristiano Ronaldo the best footballer of all time?

When you hear the name football, the first person who comes to mind is the Portuguese prince Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has taken his football career to such a high level that it is impossible to find footballer who can compare with him. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

He broke the record of one goal after another. What Ronaldo has done as a midfielder and a winger is truly incredible. After facing thousands of obstacles, Ronaldo has reached this stage today.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, a small town in Portugal.  Ronaldo's biggest obstacle since birth was poverty.  Ronaldo's mother was a domestic worker and his father was a gardener  Even then, Ronaldo did not stop.  One after the other, the best footballer of all time has become.

How did Ronaldo start?

Ronaldo got a chance at the age of seventeen at Sporting CP, a popular club in Portugal.  The journey starts from there  After playing for Sporting for a few days, the English club Manchester United brought Ronaldo to the team.  Originally, Alex Ferguson bought Ronaldo a pair.  Still, he played as a midfielder for Man United for six consecutive seasons.  Despite being a midfielder, he was Man United's top scorer every season. Ronaldo won four EPL titles and one UCL for Man United. He won hundreds of awards.  He won the Ballon d'Or

In 2009, he joined Real Madrid, the best football club of all time  Even after coming to Real Madrid, he had to play as a midfielder for a few seasons.  After leaving Raul's club, Ronaldo started playing as a left winger regularly.  Won four UCLs, two league titles, and two Club World Cups for Real Madrid. Won four Ballon d'Ors individually.  After that, Ronaldo left Real Madrid in 2018.

Italian giant Juventus brought Ronaldo to the team with a record transfer fee.  Won one trophy for Juventus. Personal achievements were also remarkable. Then in 2021, left Juventus and joined his childhood club Manchester United.

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Did Ronaldo recognize FIFA as the best player of all time?

Ronaldo has been recognized as the best footballer of all time by FIFA.  Ronaldo has been given the "FIFA Special Reward" as a lifetime award by FIFA.  Moreover, as Ronaldo scored the most goals for the club the and national team, FIFA recognized Ronaldo as the "Greatest of all-time Goal scorer".

Moreover, the posts about Ronaldo from are FIFA's official Twitter account and Facebook account.  FIFA always uses the "goat" emoji there.  And we all know why "GOAT" is used.

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