America's economy is getting stronger day by day.

New York 

The largest economy in the world is the United States. According to the latest data, the total GDP of the country is about 21 trillion US dollars.  Even if the total economy of the rest of the world is put together, it will not be equal to the economy of America.  However, with Donald Trump as the US President, the country's economy has had some adverse effects.

In these few years from 2016 to 2021, the growth rate of the American economy was in the minus room  As a result, America's biggest adversary, China, was ahead of America in many areas. America's allies turned away from America itself. As a result, the United States fell into major economic problems.

What is the role of Joe Biden in moving the wheels of the American economy?

Joe Biden came to American power after defeating former US President Donald Trump by a large number of votes. Joe Biden has been showing his prudence since coming to power.  Relations with allied countries are improving. Joe Biden is pulling not only allied countries but also neutral countries to his side.  As a result, a huge economic market is being created within the countries.

As a result, America's allies are importing all their products from America. Moreover, America is importing all its necessary goods from the allied countries. Which Donald Trump didn't do while he was president.

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Who has the most role to keep the American economy running?

During the corona epidemic, the economy of all the countries of the world collapsed.  America is the largest economy in the world.  Lockdown began in the whole of America when the corona epidemic spread strongly in America.  As a result, all types of organizations, starting from the largest technology companies in America, were temporarily closed.  But during this corona epidemic, the sale of US military weapons has not been affected at all.

After this corona epidemic, the third world war started all over the world. So all the countries of the world are increasing their military strength. And the whole world depends on America to buy military weapons. As a result, the US economy continues to grow. Every year America exports about one trillion dollars worth of arms around the world. Which is one of the largest markets in the American economy.

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