Can Pakistan handle this crisis in their economy?

Shinkari Camp Pakistan 

Pakistan is one of the most powerful countries in the subcontinent. The country is very popular worldwide.  But as popular for good as it is for bad deeds. For a long time, America and the West have been claiming that Pakistan supports terrorist Terrorists who operate in India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Moreover, India's intelligence agency "RAW" has proper evidence that Pakistan provides all kinds of support to terrorists, starting from training.

Pakistan has been banned by the US and Western countries for a long time due to its links with terrorists. As a result, Pakistan's vast and prosperous economy has been crippled. Now Pakistan has to continue with loans from its neighbouring ally China. Pakistan has to take loans not only from China but also from Middle East countries.  Moreover, Pakistan's army is busy providing security to several countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.  Therefore, the Muslim countries of the Middle East have always helped Pakistan.

How can we read ourselves as great people?

What is the current state of Pakistan's economy?

The present condition of Pakistan's economy is very fragile. The total population of Pakistan is around 23 crores. But the total GDP is only 306 billion dollars.  GDP per capita is only 1300 US dollars. How is Pakistan's economy to be understood by looking at GDP and GDP per capita?  Pakistan's internal political strife is behind the poor state of Pakistan's economy. Pakistan is mostly ruled by the military. So it is wrong to seek the improvement of this country.

It is only because of the military rule that Pakistan is in this state today. It is not! Rather, Pakistan's situation today is due to the people and government of the country indirectly helping the militant groups. Allies like the US have turned their backs on Pakistan for supporting militant groups.

Can Pakistan strengthen its economic system again?

Pakistan has amazing natural beauty.  Moreover, the country has a large natural labour market. There are skilled researchers.  If desired, the country can invest in the tourism sector.  If properly invested in the tourism sector, Pakistan can easily earn about ten to billion US dollars every year. Currently, a huge labour market in Pakistan is unemployed.  If they can manage their work, they can play a role in keeping Pakistan's economy moving.

To eliminate their unemployment, Middle East countries can create job opportunities for them. The population in Arab countries is very less. So nothing can be completed with their manpower. Arab countries now hold the highest number of Americans in senior positions.  Pakistan can share this American market if it wants. But for this, Pakistan needs political peace.  Also, a good ruler is needed  Who can stop terrorism.

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