How can we read ourselves as great people?

Every person in the world wants to make himself great. But some people think that to be a great person, you have to do something so that people always remember me. But in reality, it is not like that. Man's greatness is revealed through his behaviour, speech and character.


To be a great person, we should not tell lies, abstain from alcohol, help others, serve the sick, not waste other people's wealth, not hurt anyone's heart, always give charity to society, etc. If we want, we can accept some world-famous great person as our idol. I will explain some sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which we can apply to ourselves to become great people.

Will it be good for us to follow Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

The greatest human being of all time is Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The UK, a secular state itself, gave this title to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There are many reasons for this. During his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always worked for humanity. The people of the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to respect him so much that they left everything to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not only loved by people of his religion. Rather, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was equally popular with Jews, Christians, fire worshipers and atheists. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was not just a noble person  Rather, he was a statesman of a state.  In the state during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), people of different religions enjoyed the same privileges as Muslims.

A British writer wrote a book about the greatest people in the world.  Where he presents the autobiography of one hundred great people.  According to him, Jesus Christ is the third greatest person in the history of the world and second place was the scientist Newton. But the surprising thing is that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was number one on his list. So if we can follow Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), we will benefit.

How to follow Muhammad (PBUH)?

To follow Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we must first read his complete biography. The quality that most helped Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to become the greatest great man of all time was never telling a lie. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never told a single lie in his entire life. He spoke the truth even in the face of death.  So our main task will always be to speak the truth. Why not? The root of all sin is lying.

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Treating people well is one of the greatest qualities of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) faced many obstacles while spreading Islam.  Still, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never cursed non-Muslims.  Rather, he always treated them kindly.  He forgave them. A shining example of this is the forgiveness of all non-Muslims after the conquest of Makkah. So we should treat everyone well irrespective of caste and creed.

Giving always for the good of society and humanity was one of the qualities of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Even if there is no food in his own house, Muhammad (pbuh) tried to know whether everyone in the society had food. Muhammad (pbuh) used to feed others even if he did not eat himself.  If there is any corruption in society, the first to protest against it is Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). So we should always work for the welfare of humanity.

Every corner of the world hates drug addicts.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never drank alcohol during his life. He explained to those who used to drink alcohol that they should return to the right path. Forbade his ummah to refrain from taking drugs. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) hated drugs the most.  So we should refrain from taking drugs.

Moreover, there are thousands of qualities of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Which if applied in us, we can become a great person in the society.  Not only in society.  Rather, I can be a role model for the people of the whole world.  So we should follow Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to make ourselves great people. Only then can we develop ourselves as great people.

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