Is India a superpower?

India is the second most populous country in the world. Seventy-five years have passed since the independence of this country located in South Asia. Even with a large population, India has not been able to show itself on the world stage. But India has made great progress in some areas. The country's main problem is a weak economy.

Indian Army 

To become a superpower, one must have a strong economy. The stronger the economy of the country, the more the country is one step closer to becoming a superpower. The shining examples are countries like Japan, South Korea, England and France.  Since India's economy is quite weak, they cannot afford to spend as much as possible on armaments.  Not only in armaments but also in the research sector it cannot spend so much.

Has India been able to succeed with a small budget?

India has succeeded with a small budget.  Although there is not as much economy as in other countries, all modern weapons are being produced in their own country with enough economy. Just what weapon? Apart from armaments, India has progressed far in space research. India has launched indigenously developed satellites into space.

After America, China and Russia, India sent astronauts to the moon. India's Space Research Organization has taken up the plan to go to the new moon.  Moreover, the country is preparing to go to Mars in 2030. India is the second country after America in the research on Mars.

The scientists of this India are geniuses.  After the independence of the country, the nuclear bomb was made by the efforts of the scientists of the country to put pressure on the neighbouring country Pakistan. Over the ages, they have developed different types of missiles to use this atomic bomb.  The last reservation of which is Agni-6.  Which is capable of hitting America.

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India is a country of superpowers? 

India is one of the superpower countries. The world's most popular weapons website "Global Fire Power" has published a list. India is the fourth most powerful country in the world after America, Russia and China. This website mainly publishes this ranking based on military, economic and public resources. So for the time being India is one of the superpower countries.

But due to the economic condition of India, it cannot spend much on the research sector. Yet India has come a long way with a limited budget.  Which introduced India to the world.  It is expected that in 2047, India will surpass America to become the most powerful country in the world.

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