Is Indonesia slowly becoming a secular state?

Indonesian women

Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims in the world. As of 2019, approximately 270 million Muslims are living in Indonesia. Interestingly, there is no evidence that anyone came to Indonesia to preach Islam. Still, eighty per cent of the country's population is Muslim. About fifteen per cent of the world's total Muslim population lives in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a secular country.  However, as the country's Muslims are very religious, Islamic Sharia law is in force in various provinces of the country.  Which is strictly observed.  However, the current government of Indonesia is moving the country forward in keeping with the modern world. That is why the country is legalizing all kinds of western activities. So the question has arisen all over the world today, is Indonesia becoming a secular state at all?

What has changed in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country has plenty of good places. If you can use it, a large number of tourists will come to the country. That's why the city of Bali in Indonesia has been chosen Currently, everything from drinking to prostitution is legal in Bali, Indonesia.

Some Indonesian models in Bali are following the American culture.  Some of the notable names among them are Neysa Alina, Sarah Ardhelia, Kimaya Agatha, Joni malaikat, Island photography etc.

But as Indonesia become a secular country?

It cannot be said that Indonesia has become a secular country. Because most people in Indonesia are religious. However, analyzing the activities of the Indonesian government, it is not left to understand that Indonesia is going to become a secular state very soon.  Where the rules will run like the US Constitution.

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If Indonesia becomes a secular country, girls will be able to wear whatever they want.  Everyone in the country can drink.  Which is now valid only in Bali.  But to make Indonesia a secular state, Indonesia's devout Muslims can start a movement.  So the Indonesian government is slowly turning the country into a secular state.

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