Is it possible to have an impartial election in Bangladesh?

On December 31, 2018, Bangladesh held its most general election. BNP, the opposition party of the ruling party Awami League, participated in that election. But despite the popular opinion of the people, BNP lost to the ruling party in a very shameful manner. As a result, anger is created in the minds of the people of the country.

Bangladesh parliament house 

They claim that there has been corruption in the elections  Not only the ordinary parties, but the opposition parties also made the same complaint against the government. BBC, one of the most influential media in the world, revealed in their report, how the ruling government of Bangladesh is taking votes through diplomacy.

Not just the BBC. Influential media like Al Jazeera, DW, and CNN also carried the same news.  As a result, America, the symbol of democracy in the world, expressed its anger towards the government of Bangladesh.  As a result, the United States imposed some sanctions on Bangladesh.

Why is there political unrest in the world today?

What will be the next general election?

The eleventh general election of Bangladesh will be held next year. The political parties are holding programs all over the country. But the ruling party is repeatedly obstructing the opposition parties.  The country's biggest opposition party, BNP, continues to be beaten by the police.

Meanwhile, people flocked to every program of BNP. The people of Bangladesh want BNP to come to power. But the government is not willing to come to an impartial election. Although the United States pressured the government of Bangladesh repeatedly, the parties in power are not accepting these things.  But because America wants this election to be neutral. That is why the upcoming general election will be neutral.

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