Is the number of Muslims increasing in India?

India is a predominantly Hindu country. About 75 per cent of people living in India practice Hinduism.  However, the number of Hindus in India is decreasing day by day. There are a few reasons behind this.  One of which is that the number of atheism in India is increasing day by day. The number of secular people in India is also increasing day by day.  Moreover, another big reason is that the people of India are changing their religion.

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People of India are accepting Islam in droves.  There are also reasons for the people of India to accept Islam. That is Tabligh Jamaat. Moreover, some other Islamic Dawah organizations are promoting Islam in India  Which India's extremists have named Love Jihad. Several states in India have taken action against this system through legislation.

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Is the number of Muslims increasing in India?

According to the famous American research centre "Peo Research Center" by 2030 Muslims will be 20 per cent of the total population of India.  Then about three hundred and fifty million Muslims will live in India.  No other country in the world will have so many Muslims

A stark difference can be seen if we compare the current survey with the previous survey of India. Even ten years ago 175 million Muslims were living in India. But in just twenty years, the number of Muslims has increased to nearly twenty crores.  If this continues, in 2070, the number of Muslims will exceed Hindus in India.

Being a Muslim in India today has to face many problems. Still, the number of Muslims in India is increasing day by day.  So it is expected that the number of Muslims in India will continue to increase day by day.

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