Why is India's economy so strong?

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India is the eighth largest country in the world. Not only in terms of area but also terms of population, India is far ahead of all other countries. According to 2016 estimates, the total population of India is about 1390 million. Due to this, India is the second most populous country in the world. There are many people in this vast country. And these people need a strong economy to meet their daily needs.

Every populous country in the world has a strong economy. Where India is also. India's economy is very strong like America, Italy, Japan, China, England and South Korea. According to the estimates for 2021-22, the total GDP of India is about 3.2 trillion US dollars. It is the fifth-largest economy in the world. But how did India become the owner of such a huge economy?

People’s Participation in the Indian Economy

India has a huge population. Most of this huge population is unemployed.  The Indian government knew that if this huge population was unemployed, the country would lose.  So the Government of India took a plan to convert this huge population into a public resource. Where the Indian government has completely succeeded. Especially in some big provinces of India unemployment problem has completely disappeared.  Among them are Kolkata, Maharashtra, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and GOA among other states.

Currently, the most popular occupation in India is agriculture.  Also, working in the IT sector is one of the most popular careers in India.  Most freelancers in the world also come from India. Moreover, the country has many other popular professions. As a result, India's economy is getting stronger day by day.

India’s economy has changed the IT sector.

The technology sector has changed the economy of India. There are as many big technology companies or organizations in the world today.  They are somehow connected with India. Even Chinese technology companies are forced to establish themselves in India. Especially Chinese mobile manufacturing companies. Many tech companies from South Korea have also set up bases in India.

Some of the popular technology companies of the period also set up their branches in India.  One of which is that popular companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp cannot run without the help of India.  Currently, the CEOs of Twitter and Google are Indians. Apart from these, Apple, one of America's largest technology companies, also has a branch in India

America's economy is getting stronger day by day.

As technology companies from different countries set up their branches in India, a large portion of India's total population is getting jobs.  And Indians have proved themselves, how wise and intelligent people they are. Impressed by the work of Indians, foreign companies are becoming more interested in India.  As a result, unemployment in India is decreasing day by day.  And if unemployment decreases, the country's economy will be stronger.

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