An earthquake in Bangladesh can kill a million people.

Recently, as a result of sudden earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, about twenty thousand people have died so far. The number of injured people is around 200,000.

Current situation in Turkey

It is believed to be the biggest earthquake in the world in 100 years. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake lasted only 45 seconds. After seeing this terrible situation in Turkey and Syria, most of the countries of the world are taking measures in advance to save themselves from major natural disasters.

Our Bangladesh is no exception. A meeting was held on how to protect oneself in case of earthquake and other natural calamities in emergency training. In 2017, NASA said that Sylhet and Dhaka in Bangladesh are the most vulnerable places in the world for earthquakes. An earthquake of magnitude 8 can hit Bangladesh at any moment.

What will the country's situation be like if there is an earthquake of magnitude eight?

The Ministry of National Disaster has said that an earthquake of magnitude 8 may occur at any time in Dhaka, Sylhet and Greater Chittagong. If there is an earthquake of magnitude 8, 6 million people will die in Dhaka city alone. According to the official data, there are as many buildings in Dhaka city. Among them, 24 per cent of the buildings are not able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8. In other words, if there is an earthquake of magnitude 8, 24 per cent of the buildings in Dhaka city will certainly collapse.

In this regard, Sylhet and Greater Chittagong are in a better position.  Why not? Buildings in Sylhet and greater Chittagong are fairly modern.  On the other hand, Dhaka's buildings are very old. However, if Sylhet and Chittagong earthquakes occur, a huge tsunami can be created. As a result, around one crore people may die and around three crore people lose their homes.

If there is an earthquake of magnitude 8 or more, the condition of Bangladesh will be very fragile. Most people in the country will lose their homes. The number of dead people will lose more than one crore. The country's economy will come to zero quotas. There will be nothing else to do except foreign aid.

Bangladesh's economy is getting stronger day by day.

What can be done to reduce damage in case of an earthquake?

An earthquake is a natural disaster. So humans cannot easily control earthquakes. All buildings in the country should be repaired in such a way as to control earthquakes. Even if there is an earthquake of magnitude 8 or more, the buildings can survive.  No one can tell when an earthquake will occur. Therefore, emergency rescue teams and volunteer rescue teams are ready in case of an earthquake at any moment.

In case of an earthquake, Bangladesh Army and BGB will be used for rescue work. This will increase the number of rescuers. As a result, it will be possible to quickly rescue people trapped under the rubble. The sooner the injured can be rescued, the better it will be for the nation. At the end of the day, it has to be accepted that since natural disasters are beyond human control, humans can't reduce the damage.

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