Fifty Shades of Gray Movie Explanation.

Fifty shades of the grey movie is a romantic movie. Where the love story of Christian and Ena is presented. After the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie grossed three hundred million dollars worldwide in just one week. Fifty Shades of Gray grossed $879,59,678 worldwide. The IMDB rating of the movie is 4.5/10.

Anastasia and Christian 

Who acted in the movie?

Popular American actress Dakota Johnson played the role of Anastasia.  Christian Gray is played by Jamie Dornan. Carla is played by popular American model Jennifer Ehle. Jose was played by Viktor Rasuk. Besides, famous actors like Rita Ora, Luke, Harden etc. acted in the movie.

The brief  story of this Movie.


Christian is a billionaire business man.  Anastasia, on the other hand, is studying journalism.  At the beginning of the movie, Anastasia Arrived at Mr Grey's office. For an interview with Christian Grey. Christian takes a liking to Ana while interviewing Anastasia.  Anastasia also asked Christian a few questions about his private parts. Because of this Christians becomes more vulnerable towards Anastasia. Anastasia and Christian eventually become very close friends. Anastasia's mother dreams of taking pictures with a rich man like Christian Grey.  Christian Gray agrees to Anna's mother's proposal. At the photo shoot, Christian and Ana open up about their vulnerability to each other.

Prisoners 2013 Movie Review.

At some point, Christian developed a physical relationship with Anna. But Christian wants Anastasia to make a deal with him. Where Christian can have physical relations with Anna as he wishes and use a variety of exciting things. If Anna can never give Christian his happiness. Then Anastasia will have to suffer the punishment. Anastasia is horrified by the terms of the contract. Still, Anna eventually agreed.  Because Ana thought that maybe Christian loves Ana. For the first time, Anastasia fails to satisfy Christian enough. So Christian Gray decides to hit Anna six times in the behind with the bell. Anna blindly accepts everything because of the contract letter. After being hit six times, Anastasia suffered a mental breakdown. She is not allowing Christian to touch her body. Anastasia says I thought you loved me. Then Anastasia started crying  Christian Gray tries to explain a lot, but Anna ignores his words and leaves. By the end of the movie, Christian is getting too much for Anna. On the other hand, Anna is also suffering a lot from Christian herself.

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