Kishmish (2022) Movie Review in English.

The movie Kismish is made on the relationship of bad luck. Kishmish looks bad but you have to eat them. And the taste of kishmish is not bad. The story of this movie is based on such a story. The movie has received a lot of praise in the Bengali cinema industry in 2022. Especially the romantic love story of the movie has made a place in the mind of the audience. The movie has an IMDB rating of 6.7/10.

Rohini sen and tintin's mother

Those who were in the movie.

Kolkata superstar Dev played the role of Tintin in the movie.  Popular Indian model Rukmini played the role of Rohini Sen. Tintin's mother is played by Jun Malia. Kharaj played the role of Tintin's father. Asim Sen is played by Kamleswar Mukhopadhyay.  Moreover, the movie also stars Srabanti Chartaji and Yeshu Sengupta in special appearances.

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A brief story of the movie

Titin (Dev)

At the beginning of the movie, we see Tintin, who is returning to Calcutta from Barcelona, ​​Spain. But Tintin misses his flight due to oversleeping. Then Tintin begins to remember the story of his life. In the story of Tintin's life, we see that Tintin is unable to pass college despite trying so hard. Because of this, the family put Tintin under a lot of pressure and admitted him to another college. Tintin hates his parents because they force him to do everything against his will. Tintin was very lonely after going to college.  He had no friends. Tintin develops a relationship with a girl named Rohini Sen. At some point they became very close and had a physical relationship.

Tintin thinks Rohini loves him. But after passing college, Tintin finds out that Rohini doesn't love him. Tintin returns home after failing in love. Tintin's father sees that Tintin is upset. Tintin's father could never express his love for his son. But one day Tintin's father allows Tintin to do whatever he wants. Tintin's dream was to become an artist. Then Tintin collects Rahini's number with great difficulty. Once a true love relationship developed between them. But Rohini's father and Tintin's mother do not accept their relationship in any way.

Because of this, Tintin gets angry and goes to his grandmother's house. Tintin then learns that Rohini's father had an affair with her mother before marriage. Still, Tintin and Rohini decide that they will convince each other's parents to marry his way, Tintin tries to convince Rohini Sen's father to marry on the other hand, and Rohini Sen also tries hard to convince Tintin's mother to marry. After much persuasion, Tintin's mother agreed, but Rohini's father was not in any way accepting their relationship. At one point Tintin's father asks Tintin and Rohini to go and get married and Tintin's father wants Rohini's house to convince Rohini's father. Once Rohani Sen's father also agreed to the marriage.

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