Prisoners 2013 Movie Review.

Prisoners [2013]

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime

IMDb: 8.1/10

Personal Rating: 9.8/10

Original story and honest review of the movie.


While spending time with family, two girls named Anna and Joy suddenly disappear. The rest of the family, including Anna's father Keller Dover and Joy's father Franklin Birch, have not been able to find their daughters despite extensive searches.  As Detective Loki investigates the disappearance of the girls, he apprehends a suspect named Alex Jones.  But due to lack of sufficient evidence, Alex is forced to leave.  Alex lives with his aunt. Keller blames Alex for her daughter's disappearance. Keller kidnaps Alex while avoiding the eyes of the law.

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Keller begins questioning Alex to find out the truth. But Keller is torturing Alex, who claims to be innocent again and again. Adult Alex, with the IQ of a ten-year-old child, is in no way immune to Keller's abuse.  Meanwhile, Detective Loki continues his investigation and finds answers to various questions.


Keller goes crazy over the loss of her daughter. He started torturing Alex in various ways. Joy's father Franklin Birch was also involved in this torture.  Hugh Jackman stars as Keller Dover as the concerned father. He becomes desperate to know the truth of what happened to his daughter at any cost whether she is alive or dead. Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays Detective Loki, continues his investigation according to the law.  He also suspects Keller Dover of uncovering the truth. Again, Alex and his aunt Holly Jones are not left off the list of suspects either.  Paul Dano as Alex Jones is an innocent man.  Who has no common sense?  But the character of Alex's aunt Holly Jones was the most unexpected and surprising.

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Director Denis Villeneuve brilliantly portrays the uncompromising nature of a father to bring his child back to safety in the movie. The brutality found in Keller Dover's torture and interrogation of Alex Jones.  However, the arrival of Bob Taylor's character and the past events of many, of the director adds to the tension in the movie.

The colour grading of the movie has an excess of blue colour in the colour palette making the movie more mesmerizing.  Roger A. Deakins received an Oscar nomination for cinematography. And most of the back shots of this movie were amazing.  Especially the back shot of the night Alex Jones is arrested was the most beautiful.  Keller Dover's old houses and snowy scenes were also eye-catching.

It is natural for a father to be worried about the loss of his daughter.  All humans have more or less history.  Maybe someone's past is happy and someone's past is painful.  The movie is a labyrinthine story surrounded by past, present, happiness and sadness.

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