Raavan (2022) Full Movie English Explanation.

Superhit movie Raavan (2022) starring popular Bengali superstar Jeet. Ravana movie was the best Bengali movie of 2022. The movie grossed an estimated $6,137,500 at the box office last year. Which is ৳500,000,000 in Bangladeshi Taka.  The movie brought a new revolution in the Bengali cinema world. For many years Bengali movie industry could not produce such movies.


Acted in the movie?

Popular Kolkata superstar Jeet played the role of Ram. Popular Kolkata model Lahoma Bhattacharya played the role of Rai. Shataf Figar played the role of the villain Rajiv. One of the most popular models of Bollywood, Tanushree Chakraborty played the role in "AC". Besides, Kharaj, Bishwanath, and Imam Hossain were also acting.

The brief story of the movie. 

The main character of the movie Ram is a college professor. While going to join the first day of college, he met a girl named Rai. Rai misbehaves with Ram as a naughty boy. Arriving at the college, Rai laughs with her friend about Ram. Just then Professor Ram enters the class and Rai learns that Ram is the new professor of their college. Then a friendly relationship develops between Ram and Rai. Once they fall in love with each other. After completing Rai's studies, Ram marries Rai.

While doing journalism, Rai gathers information about a rogue terrorist group. Rai then spread the information to the media with the help of her husband Ram. But the unscrupulous people come to know about all the investigations of Rai. On the birthday of Rama's sister, the unscrupulous people come and kill Ram's parents, Ram's sister and Ram's wife Rai. Continued to call the incident a gas cylinder explosion to cover it up.

Kishmish (2022) Movie Review in English.

This incident made Ram a terrible murderer. Professor Ram becomes Ravana.  Find out the murderers of his family one by one. As law and order forces did not help Ram. So Ram used to call law enforcement agencies and get every murder done.  Ram killed them all. At the end of the movie, we see Ram calling "AC" and revealing everything.

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