Will Artificial Intelligence Technology Impact Human Jobs in the Future?

The most amazing invention of the present world is artificial intelligence. which is abbreviated as (AI).  Let's get some idea about this artificial intelligence

AI generated photo

Artificial intelligence by definition means that a digital device can automatically perform various tasks by analyzing data on its own. Artificial intelligence is used in various applications in the present world.

There are many popular artificial intelligence sites online today. Some of the notable sites are ChatGPT, PhotoMath etc. which can perform various tasks automatically.

What can artificial intelligence do?

The technology of artificial intelligence is not yet fully developed. It can still perform a limited amount of work. Recently an artificial intelligence site called ChatGPT brought its technology to market. Which can easily do any work in the world. The tasks ChatGPT could easily do are writing songs, writing poems, helping with programming, solving math problems, writing English paragraphs, designing logos, drawing portraits easily etc.

Moreover, Google has launched an artificial intelligence app in the current market. However, twenty-seven programming languages ​​are easy to understand and can easily help any web developer with coding.

Will artificial intelligence affect our jobs?

Various answers can be given to this question. As artificial intelligence will not affect our job market. Another answer is that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on our jobs.

The developed countries of the world such as America, England, France, Japan, China, Germany etc. will not have any adverse effect on the job market. Why not? These developed countries will be able to create new jobs in keeping with new technologies. Over time, the skills of people in developed countries will also increase a lot. As a result, artificial intelligence will hardly affect their market.

How does virtual reality create artificial ideas in our brains?

Artificial intelligence will harm the developing countries of the world such as India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Why not? A large population of these countries still make a living by freelancing, web development, logo design, etc. But artificial intelligence can easily do this. Moreover, it will not be possible for the government of these countries to create new jobs in line with developed countries. Because the economy of developing countries is much smaller than that of developed countries.

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